Pick-It BCS Bowl Games - MVT

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Picks are locked and games are underway.
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Sorry, you just missed it!

The picking for this Pick-It Challenge has come and gone. Already entered, but lost the link to see your score or make updates? We can resend it to you. Email pickit@pickitchallenge.com if you have any questions!

How to Play

It’s easy! Just pick which team you think will win each bowl game by clicking on one team for each game. As games are played over the next few weeks, you’ll receive email updates telling you how your picks rank against other participants. If you make the right picks, you could win!


  • First place - $100 Cash
  • Second place - $50 Cash
  • Third place - $25 Cash
  • Last place - American Silver Eagle Dollar Coin (the last place prize winner must have completed all picks and received the lowest number of points)


  • Prizes will be awarded only to residents in MVT’s serving area – not required to be an MVT customer
  • Prize winners must come into MVT office to claim prize
  • MVT employees and their immediate family members can play but are not eligible to win
  • Must have a valid email address
  • 1 entry per person, 1 person per email address
  • Terms and Conditions


Type of GamePoints
Game with 2 unranked teams10
1st bowl game11
Games with 1 ranked team11
Games with 2 ranked teams13
Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl14
Championship game15

AP Top 25 rankings used for this scoring system